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Events for Adventurers: Colorado Adventure Quest


Colorado Adventure Quest started when founder Lindsey Beres was looking for an event for everyday outdoor enthusiasts — something she could be competitive in, have fun with friends and participate in a variey of activities. All she found were scavenger hunts, obstacle course races, urban-based adventures and typical Spartan and Warrior Dash kind of stuff — race from point A to point B, end with a beer garden and a band and then go home. She wanted to create something for the outdoor lovers that allowed them to pick and choose what activities they want to do and at what level.

The resulting concept: Grab some friends and compete in a three-day, customizable statewide challenge. Using an app, your team will spend an epic weekend accomplishing tasks in 12 different categories (hiking, biking, camping, climbing, rafting, off-roading, etc.) to earn points. Each challenge task is worth a specific point value. To earn those points teams will upload photos/videos proving they were there and completed the task. An live, in-app scoreboard will keep track of teams across the state so you can see how you're doing.

Teams can start the quest anywhere in the state. For instance, a team of climbers could do climbing tasks across the state, stop at some breweries, camp and get in some hikes while another team may be mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, outdoor education and visiting breweries. Both teams are competing in the same event doing the challenge tasks they are interested in.

The next customizable Colorado Challenge is July 14–16, 2017. Check them out!

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