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Colorado Bucket List: Cliff Camping


Photos courtesy of Kent Mountain Adventure Center

If the idea of sleeping on the side of a sheer rock face hundreds of feet above the ground sounds not terrifying, but totally awesome, then we’ve got just the activity for you! Kent Mountain Adventure Center in Estes Park is the only place in Colorado — and the U.S. — where you can try cliff camping, an experience previously reserved for seasoned big-wall climbers during long-haul vertical ascents.

Not anymore: Harry Kent, founder and owner of KMAC, devised a way for climbing newbies to camp overnight on a gravity-defying portaledge, accessed by either rappelling down or climbing up (with the help of an experienced guide, of course). Once there, campers will enjoy a foodie-caliber dinner complete with wine before falling asleep (or trying to, anyway) in their bed in the sky. The next morning, wake up to mind-blowing views and a warm breakfast before rappelling back down to real life.

KMAC’s cliff-camping experience has been featured in scores of national publications, and USA Today called it “the coolest campsite ever.” Judge for yourself, spring through summer. Or, for the (slightly) less daring, try a “cliffnic” instead — a six-hour climb-and-dine at a lower elevation that still offers its share of thrills.

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