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Colorado’s Newest Surfing Trend


Hydrofoil surfing expert Alex Mauer gives us information on the newest surfing trend hitting Colorado lakes. 

Hydrofoil surfing is a fun and exciting sport taking the surf world by storm. A hydrofoil board, or foilboard, is a surfboard with a hydrofoil that extends below the board into the water. The design makes the board leave the surface of the water at various speeds. It’s basically gliding across the top of the water. You begin by standing on the board, pulled by a boat; but then you let go and just surf to your heart’s content.

This sport can even be enjoyed in landlocked states like Colorado. I spend a lot of time foil surfing behind a boat on a reservoir in Boulder.

While foil surfing it’s easy to find a lake to hydrofoil in, foil surfing itself is very difficult to learn. But once your body adapts to how to ride one, the learning curve is quick. You are basically hovering above the water — with a sensation somewhere between flying and surfing. It’s the craziest feeling I have ever gotten on the water!

To me, hydrofoil surfing is one of the purest forms of surfing there is. You are channeling the water’s energy the same way a dolphin does when they ride swells in the ocean. It is pretty neat to be able to experience that living in Colorado.

Even just flying a few inches above the water feels crazy. Once you experience the exoneration you will be hooked! This is one hobby I highly suggest to everyone.

Find your perfect lake to try hydrofoil surfing at the Boulder Reservoir, the Blue Mesa Reservoir, Chatfield Lake, Grand Lake, Granby Lake or Boyd Lake. Need to purchase a foilboard? Check out Solstice Sports, a board shop in Boulder. 

Mauer will be running clinics to teach people the art of hydrofoiling in 2019. Contact him with any questions you might have [email protected].

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