Colorado Cabin Escape looks quaint and peaceful. The sun shines in the sky above the cabin.

Colorado Cabin Escape

As cotton-ball clouds roll across the sky from the eastern plains to the peaks of the Rockies, you’ll feel an utter sense of peace and quiet settle into you. That’s how the Colorado Cabin Escape works its magic. Located on the eastern edge of Colorado’s famous mountains, Livermore is just north of Fort Collins and just south of the Wyoming border.

What makes it special?

As nighttime falls, walk the 30 steps to the hot tub to stare up into the uninterrupted pitch-black sky. As your eyes adjust, you’ll start to notice the blanket of stars above. Spot a meteor or try to find the Milky Way while the spa’s jets do a delightful number on your back muscles.

The most “Colorado” thing about this place

When you drive up and see the adorably rustic log cabin, you will think, “Ahh yes, this is Colorado.” With its teeny porch, skis affixed to the outer walls, buttery pine furniture, potbelly stove and photos of various Centennial State wildlife, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an older world — but one with modern conveniences like indoor plumbing and Wi-Fi.

Colorado Cabin Escape at night. The lights of the cabin are on. Stars twinkle in the night sky behind the cabin.

Quirkiest thing to expect

How often do you rent a place and get a sauna, too? Well, tucked into a corner of this wooden home is a miniature infrared sauna that heats from the inside out. Instead of driving into town for a spa, you have one in your Airbnb ready to soothe sore muscles after a long day’s hike.

Our favorite traveler review

“GREAT place to stay for a quiet and relaxing getaway. The stars were amazing, hot tub was a great addition and the cottage was once of the coolest Airbnb’s I’ve ever experienced. Can’t recommend highly enough.” — Andrew, Airbnb

The bedroom at Colorado Cabin Escape fits two people. The bed frame is made from logs.
The hot tub is just thirty steps away from the Colorado Cabin Escape. Lights in the hot tub glow purple.
The area around Colorado Cabin Escape is a beautiful all year-round. There is a cloud-less blue sky in the background.

What you’ll find nearby

Livermore is mainly a ranch community with beautiful vistas of the mountains, but it’s also known for The Forks Mercantile and Saloon, which was named for its location at the split of the Overland Trail. Pop in to try the baked mac and cheese or green chili burger and revel in the history of who came before you.

About a half-hour drive south is Lory State Park, where you can boat on Horsetooth Reservoir, fish, hike, horseback ride and rock climb across the rugged terrain. Ideal for a day trip, downtown Fort Collins (a 25-minute drive) offers up a new-school soda fountain and world-class art museum.

The entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park lies 1.5 hours away, and the park is spectacular in every way. Watch elk do their mating dance, hike to alpine lakes, learn about the history of America’s Best Idea and drive on Trail Ridge Road — but not if you’re scared of heights! After your visit, grab a slice of the tangy key lime pie at You Need Pie! Diner & Bakery in downtown Estes Park.


Photos courtesy of Livermore Bed & Breakfast

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