A glamping tent site awaits guests at the Black Tree Resort in Lake George, Colorado. Chairs sit on the deck in front of the tent.

Black Tree Resort

Relax and reset at Black Tree Resort, a glamping retreat nestled between mountains and trees in Pike National Forest. Just 13 miles from the rustic town of Lake George, this uber-luxe camping resort delivers you back to nature with a modern twist. 

Imagine waking up to the sweet trills and whistles of birdsong. A few steps from your comfy bed, you’re outside on the front deck, lounging in a cushioned chair amid tall, peaceful pine trees. Nom on fresh-from-the-oven turnovers, seasonal fruit and waffles drizzled in chocolate — delivered to your porch — as you watch the fiery orange and goldenrod-yellow colors of the sunrise take over the dark morning sky. 

At Black Tree, you can enjoy the benefits of camping — sleeping close to nature and spending nights around the campfire — along with the comforts of everyday life, like indoor plumbing, heating and a cozy, off-the-ground bed. All of this is found within a swanky, fully furnished tent

During your stay, get competitive with family-friendly board games at the main lodge or horseback ride through mountain meadows and the national forest. Back at your glamorous digs, bask in the glow of your gas-lite firepit, share stories and laughter as you make chocolatey s’mores or melt away tension with a tent-side couples massage.

What makes it special?

We’re applauding the resort’s lack of Wi-Fi and cell service. In fact, this unplugging from the outside world and focusing on the present is called the “Black Tree State of Mind.”

If you absolutely need to connect, don’t despair. There’s a radio to contact on-site staff and the main lodge has some cell and internet service. However, you’ll hardly miss your devices when you’re enjoying delicious meals, trapsing through the woods, paddling nearby lakes and making unforgettable memories with your loved ones. 

A tent at Black Tree Resort in Colorado stands next to a firepit with chairs. Behind it, the sky is painted with oranges and pinks.

The most Colorado thing about this place

The entire Black Tree Resort was created from the dreams of owner, Nabil Saweeres, a born-and-raised Coloradan. He not only renovated the property, but also designed all the tent structures, decks and wooden furniture. Read an interview with Saweeres.

Most unexpected amenity

It’s definitely the golf carts provided to each site. You’ll love taking quick rides around the resort in your motorized, cushioned chariot. Smell the fresh mountain air and enjoy the cool breezes as you zoom about.

Top sensory encounter you’ll experience

Try snuggling up in Pendleton wool blankets by a campfire and gazing up at a glittering night sky — you’ll feel a sense of connection with the world and those around you often missed in your daily lives.

Quirkiest thing to expect

From wild turkeys to fluffy bunnies and small herds of grass-nibbling deer, you might just spot some wild “locals” as they pass by your tent. Be sure to view them from a distance though to keep everyone safe.

A tent at the glamping resort, Black Tree Resort in Lake George, is brightly lit with solar-powered lights. It is night and the rest of the area is dark.

Our favorite traveler review

“We had a great time at Black Tree Resort. We loved the private bathroom, and the beds were beyond comfortable. It was private and remote, but we could easily access the BTR team if needed. The food was amazing. Great way to spend a few days in nature for someone who can't handle real camping.” — Liz J, Tripadvisor

Things to see & do nearby

Just 10 minutes from the resort, at Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir, you’ll discover hours of lakeside fun. Paddle along the nooks and crannies of the shoreline; hike or mountain bike through rocky outcrops, pine forests and open-meadow paths; cast a line for northern pike, trout and Kokanee salmon or feel the breeze sailboarding around the lake’s small islands. On summer vacay with the kiddies? Stop by Eleven Mile State Park for fun, all-ages outdoor programs, from fishing clinics and junior ranger programs to stargazing activities and informative nature classes.

Take a glimpse into the shadows of the past at Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, a scenic 15-mile drive from Black Tree. This treasured valley tells the stories of ancient flora and fauna, humans and the very Earth itself. As one of the richest fossil deposits in the world, it still hosts ongoing archeological digs which you can observe during the summer months. Or, get hands-on with real fossils at the Fossil Learning Lab. It’ll be an experience your family never forgets. On your way back to the resort, stop by the Granite Canyon General Store in Lake George for apparel, games and local souvenirs.


Photos courtesy of Black Tree Resort.

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