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Tim Meehan

Paragliding Pilot & Instructor

Pro paraglider pilot Tim Meehan has flown Colorado’s friendly skies for nearly 30 years. The owner of Fly Tim and a pilot with Golden-based Colorado Paragliding, Meehan loves sharing the experience of free flight with visitors and has always been fascinated with the idea of human flight.

In high school, he joined the ROTC and the Civil Air Patrol, where he learned to fly small powered aircraft. In the late 1980s, he looked into hang gliding as a way to get airborne, which led him to what was then a brand-new sport: paragliding. Meehan considers himself very fortunate in this lifetime to have experienced great flights and met amazing people and lifelong friends in some of the planet’s most beautiful places.

He has flown paragliders in the Canary Islands, New Zealand, France, Germany, Norway, Ghana and several destinations across the U.S. He’s also participated in colorful festivals and fly-ins, including the Coupe Icare (Icarus Cup) free flight festival in St. Hilaire, France, and the annual Paragliding Festival in Nkawkaw, Ghana.

Meehan moved to Colorado from the Chicago suburbs with his parents when he was 10 years old and never left. While he wasn’t born here, Meehan considers himself a “super-pro-Coloradan.”